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Units In Supreme Commander
Last updated: August 20, 2006 (118 total unique units)
(Java required)

Here you will find a complete listing of all units seen in action from actual game screen shots.
This page will be updated consistently to give you an unprecedented look at all of the units publicly known and what is known about them.
Each race is in it's own column and then is seperated with sections by Land, Sea and Air...

  Rolling over this icon will show an alternate picture of a unit, like an Aeon's dual appearance.
  Units marked will show unit statistics when rolling your mouse over the unit picture.
  Rolling over this icon will demonstrate scale of a unit as it appears in a screenshot.
  Indicates that the unit picture is concept art picture and not an actual screenshot.
    Text that is highlighted reveals the genuine classification title of a unit.
Choose Section to View -
Choose Section to View -

You will find more units, which have not yet been show in the game screen shots, by clicking on this concept page link.
To learn more about the origin of the unit races see our unique Supreme Commander storyline adapted by Sol Invictus.>

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